Fitness expert Sandesh Deshmukh becomes brand ambassador of Fit PCMC Drive

Bodybuilder Sandesh Deshmukh becomes the brand ambassador of the Fit PCMC Drive. Having earned a gold medal in bodybuilding, Sandesh was also awarded a ‘Pune Shree’ and ‘Maharashtra Shree’ title last year.

Following his passion for bodybuilding, Sandesh never sidelined his studies. He gave his full attention to his engineering degree and graduated with a good percentile. Hailing from a small district in Maharashtra, for Sandesh, bodybuilding is his first love, and every time he showcases his skills, he makes sure to leave a lasting impression.

Discussing his family foundation, he comes from a middle-class family as his dad is a worker and his mom is a homemaker. The expense of Sandesh’s preparation and diet food was around 30-35 thousand, and his folks couldn’t manage the cost of it. In any case, Sandesh didn’t abandon his dream. While contemplating and zeroing in on his actual objectives, he used to fill in as an errand boy, bouncer, and on certain occasions as a gym trainer.

Before lifting weights, Sandesh additionally had a grave interest in cricket. While the interest exists, he doesn’t wish to make a vocation in it after seeing the imperfect framework. Yet, Sandesh isn’t among the individuals who will sit and grumble. He chose to follow his adoration for lifting weights and made a fruitful profession out of it. His folks, who were at first uneasy about how he will make a job out of it, are glad to see him arrive at the extraordinary statures.

In January 2020, Sandesh Deshmukh won the Gold medal in a bodybuilding competition and was honored with ‘Pune Shree’ title. In the same year, the bodybuilder won another title of ‘Junior Maharashtra Shree’ bodybuilding competition at Kolhapur. The Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) declared Sandesh as their Brand Ambassador for the “Fit PCMC” drive later on.

Having established his foot in the realm, Sandesh Deshmukh is now striving to win the Mr. Asia competition one year from now. He knows that it will be testing. In any case, he is prepared to commit all his time and thoughtfulness regarding each preparation that is essential to be genuinely and intellectually fit for the opposition.

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