Cardioholic Tablets

CARDIHOLIC is a unique formula made of all natural potent cardio protective supplements which help heart to maintain it’s normal function


It contains:-

  • Highly bioactive form of CoQ10 that is Ubiquinol which helps if maintaining good healthy ejection fraction of heart.
  • Strong natural antioxidants which help heart to recover from stress.
  • Strong natural anti inflammatory agents like Curcumin which prevent heart from the oxidative stress.
  • Natural supplements which help in normalising blood lipid profile.
  • Mineral like magnesium which is important for steady heart beats and normal blood pressure.
  • Natural cardiotonic like Arjun chaal that can boost heart function and heal cardiac injury or trauma
  • Natural herb which enhances your endurance when you exercise

Note: All the ingredients of Cardiholic are natural and have no side effects.


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